Take Advantage of Your Orthodontic Health Insurance!

Take advantage of FSA for Orthodontics

Take Advantage of Your Orthodontic Health Insurance!

We are now officially less than one month away from the start of a brand-new year, a time to rejoice and plan on all your New Year’s resolutions! If you have health insurance already, that is one resolution you don’t have to worry about. But did you know that there are a number of insurance policies that reset themselves when the end of the calendar year comes up? This means that if you didn’t use your orthodontic benefits that come included with your health insurance by the end of December 31st, you may lose them for good next year. Let us explain what to do to make sure that doesn’t ever happen. Then we will show you why this is the very best time to make an investment in your beautiful smile.

Make Sure that You Use Your Benefits to the Max!

When you have both health and dental benefits, that means you are due a certain amount of dental coverage to receive orthodontic treatment. It’s always a good time to give us a call at Creed Orthodontics in Cypress Texas and ask for your completely free consultation. Not only will you find out how easy it is to get a new, healthy smile, you’ll also see how great it is to have your health insurance provider pay for a large portion of it! You’ll have a healthy smile in no time when you come to us for your orthodontist needs.

Your Smile is More Affordable Than You Realize

When you visit Creed Orthodontics, you’ll see that we always have the same resolution, year after year. That is to make sure we give everyone the smile that they deserve! And since we are dedicated to keeping our resolutions, we also give our customers a few different financing plans and even easy payment options. If you are treated here, you can receive interest-free financing for your orthodontic treatment.

Get Started Today-You Have Lots of Options to Choose From!

Start the New Year off right with a brand-new smile. Don’t let your insurance benefits lapse when you could be using them to cover a large portion of the costs for a new look. If you want to learn more about when and how to get going on a new, healthy smile, give us a call today. We can have you smiling brightly for every holiday picture!