Safely Enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner With Braces

Safely Enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner With Braces

Thanksgiving dinner is just around the corner, so it is time to get excited about all of your favorite dishes and desserts. Before you sit down to a delicious meal, remember to pick foods that are safe for your braces. Thankfully, most of the Thanksgiving dishes will be perfectly fine for braces and orthodontic appliances.


Most Thanksgiving dinners have turkey as the main course. Luckily, you can enjoy your turkey in style. You only have to make a few changes to the turkey to make it work for your braces. Make sure to take the meat off of the bone and cut it into smaller pieces before you eat it. The same method works for ham if you would rather skip out on turkey this year.


The majority of vegetables on your table will be fine for your braces. Remember to be cautious with corn on the cob. Before you eat it, you will need to cut the kernels off of the cob first.


Soft casseroles are a braces-friendly option for your Thanksgiving dinner. Whether you want a green bean casserole or something a little more exciting, a casserole is a safe bet.


Stuffing and dressing are classic staples. In most cases, the stuffing will be perfectly fine to eat with braces. Before you take a huge bite, make sure that it does not contain any crunchy foods or nuts.

Sweet Potatoes and Yam

This is another traditional dish that is a delicious part of Thanksgiving dinner. Thankfully, the smooth texture makes this dish easy for anyone wearing braces.

Mashed Potatoes

Whenever you mash something up, it will generally be safe for braces. Mashed potatoes and gravy are a perfect dish if you wear braces, so make sure to add them to your Thanksgiving dinner.

Dinner Rolls and Muffins

From basic rolls to cornbread muffins, most Thanksgiving dinners include some type of bread dish. Luckily, you can eat as many of these as you want without worrying about your braces.

Pumpkin Pie

In most cases, pumpkin pie will be perfectly fine for your braces. Pumpkins are loaded with minerals and vitamins that are amazing for your dental health. To make sure that the pumpkin pie will not be a problem, stick to softer crusts.

Jello, Mousse and Pudding

If you are dining on pudding or mousse, it should be completely safe for your braces. You should just make sure that there are not any crunchy ingredients or nuts added to the dish. If you recently started wearing braces, a cold pudding can help relieve the irritation and pain.

This Thanksgiving, you have a new reason to be thankful. In most cases, traditional dishes will be perfectly fine for your braces. You can enjoy a delicious dinner with your family while your braces work their magic.