Celebrating October as the Orthodontics Month

Celebrating October as the Orthodontics Month

Orthodontists are professionals who managed to contribute a lot to the condition of the society’s oral health. Because of this, the month of October was dedicated to them so that their profession can be recognized by everyone. The event is being referred to as the National Orthodontics Month, and it highlights the people who are practicing the procession and the procedures which are being practiced within the profession. It also highlights their importance, and what their contributions to the society are.

The United States, being a nation of more than 300 million people, has at least 1 million individuals who are seeking the assistance of an orthodontist. These people are having difficulties in eating, biting, and chewing their food, and in order to fix their condition, orthodontists are putting in braces or other forms of orthodontic treatment in their teeth. These methods being practiced by the orthodontists would result in their condition being addressed, and it would also give those people suffering from these conditions to have better looking smiles.

The main job of an orthodontist is to make sure that they will be able to diagnose and prevent unnatural biting. It is also their task to intervene with the problem by correcting it using the methods that they have learned to practice. The treatment that is being used by the orthodontists to patients having difficulty in biting and chewing their food would result to their jaws being aligned properly, with the teeth being perfectly fit just like in a puzzle. People who are having a hard time in biting and chewing their food would not be able to enjoy what they are eating, and the orthodontists are doing their best in order for these people to relieve the pleasure of chewing, biting, and savoring the food.

Straightening the teeth is not an easy task for the orthodontists. They need to learn patience and perseverance in order to do the job right. Aside from straightening the teeth, orthodontists are also dealing with other dental deformities, such as crowded teeth, intrusive teeth, unusual teeth spacing, unusual teeth growth, crooked teeth, and teeth that do not meet. Fixing these dental deformities would boost their patient’s confidence, bringing back their perfect smiles. It also improves their patient’s oral health, and conditions such as tooth decay and tooth loss, bleeding gums, and problems with the jaws can be prevented. Those who are suffering from any of this condition should visit their orthodontist immediately, so that they can recommend which type of treatment is the best.

There are a lot of methods known to orthodontists, but the two most commonly known as braces and retainers. Braces are metal wires being placed on the teeth to assure that they will be straightened. These metal wires are tightly attached to the teeth, and they are designed to move the teeth gradually so that they can be in their natural places. Installing braces on the teeth might feel uncomfortable especially for first timers, but it is guaranteed to work effectively. Patients can notice changes in their teeth within a few weeks. Because of the sensitivity of the process, the patients who decided to put in some braces has to visit their orthodontist regularly to ensure that everything is working according to plan. After the teeth have been realigned, the dentist can recommend putting in retainers so that the teeth can be stabilized, and the changes made by the braces will be permanent.

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