Going Back To School With Braces

Back to school with braces in Cypress Texas

Going Back To School With Braces

It is time to pack the school bag again. If you are headed back to school with braces on, here are some tips from a Cypress Texas Orthodontist to help you through the transition.

Eat carefully

You have to eat well so that you perform well in the classroom. Here is a list of foods to avoid when undergoing orthodontic treatment:

  • Crunchy foods like popcorn, ice, chips
  • Hard to chew foods like raw carrots, nuts, apples
  • Sticky snacks like hard candies, gum, and caramel
  • Soft drinks and sports drinks

Eating these foods can damage the wires and break them, can cause discomfort and lengthen your treatment. It’s the best for you to avoid these foods to take special care of your teeth and braces.

Here are foods you can eat with braces on:

  • Bread based food like tortillas, pancakes, muffins
  • Dairy products like yogurt, soft cheese, puddings
  • Easy to chew fruits like bananas, papayas
  • Soft cooked chicken and seafood like tuna and salmon
  • Eggs, fruit smoothies, macaroni, and cheese also make good lunch options

Check your school cafeteria menu to make sure there is something available for you to eat with braces. Sometimes depending solely on school cafeteria can limit what you can eat and might be dangerous for your braces. Pack a lunch for school so that you have a braces-approved meal.

Drink plenty of water

You should carry a bottle of water to school. It is a smart and easy way to keep yourself hydrated and helps keep your braces clean throughout the day. You should avoid drinking soda or sweetened drinks during your orthodontic treatment as they leave behind residue which can cause cavities.

Keep your teeth clean

Maintain oral hygiene for healthier teeth and gums. A Cypress Texas Orthodontist advises that keeping your braces and teeth clean should be the top priority during treatment. Make sure brush your teeth at least twice daily for two minutes to remove residual crumbs from teeth. If you want to brush your teeth after lunch, then keep a toothbrush and toothpaste with you. Threaders and flossing picks are also useful to remove food stuck between teeth and helps avoid cavities.

Take care of your braces

It’s important for you to know how to take care of your braces during your orthodontic treatment. Damaged braces can extend the time for your treatment. To make sure that your jaws and teeth are at their correct positions, you must wear rubber bands, retainers and other appliances as suggested by your orthodontist. You should also keep an extra pair of rubber bands in your backpack to make sure you are always wearing them.

Be careful while playing sports

Sports and gym activities are an important part of school curriculum and are vital for staying fit. While you can play sports when undergoing orthodontic treatment, it would be good that you wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth and braces from any injuries. Let your orthodontist know if you help in finding the best mouth guard.

Going back to school after summer is exciting and having braces on should not stop you from making the most of your school time. There could be times when you have a loose wire or a loose band, but this should not worry or upset you. You can fix the loose wire using the back of a spoon or the back of a pencil and push the wire back in its place. If a part of your appliance falls off, make sure you contact a Cypress Texas Orthodontist.

Good luck for the upcoming school year!