Eat All the Foods You Enjoy When You Wear Removable Aligners

Eat All the Foods You Enjoy When You Wear Removable Aligners

People who have braces know that they shouldn’t eat certain foods. Foods that stick to their teeth are some of them. Gum should be avoided, and so should hard foods like carrots. If you don’t want to have to choose between straightening your teeth and maintaining the diet you love, consider getting clear removable aligners. Aligners you can take out of your mouth before you eat will let you do both. Invisalign will allow you to eat foods that braces make it impossible to eat without causing problems. These are some of those foods:

Foods like apples and corn on the cob shouldn’t be eaten if you have braces. Using your front teeth to bite into these foods can make the wires and brackets on your braces less secure. These foods and the action of biting into them can cause the wires and brackets to come off. The solution to preventing this from happening is to get Invisalign and remove the aligners in your mouth before you eat an apple or corn on the cob.

If you have braces, you shouldn’t eat nuts and hard candy. These types of foods can make the brackets and wires on your braces come off. Foods that shouldn’t be eaten unless you cut them into small pieces before chewing them include hard bread, raw broccoli, croutons, pizza, chicken, steak and hamburgers. It is also important that you refrain from chewing ice.

You should also avoid eating sticky and chewy foods if you wear braces. These foods include gummy candies and caramels. Although they will do a good job of satisfying your sweet tooth, they will mess up your braces by sticking to the brackets and wires. There’s no chance of this happening if you have Invisalign and you always remove your aligners before you chew sticky gum or candy.

Another benefit that comes with having Invisalign is easy oral hygiene. When you have Invisalign, you can just remove your aligners before you eat or drink to avoid having food stick to them. You can brush after your meals and put your aligners back in your mouth when you’re done. You can eat hard and sticky foods whenever you want without having to worry about them sticking to your braces. Furthermore, you can eat anything you want. Without removable aligners, all types of food will get wedged between your teeth and the wires and brackets, making maintaining good oral hygiene a more complicated task to accomplish. You will have to brush your teeth and floss between them each and every time you eat, and you may have to use special floss picks if you don’t want to get more cavities or wind up with stained teeth. Your teeth might be discolored when the brackets are taken out of your mouth.

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