Top Misconceptions about Orthodontics

Top Misconceptions about Orthodontics

A lot of teens, young adults, and even adults have many misconceptions about braces. From the amount of pain that patients think they have to undergo when wearing braces to the amount of time that one has to wear braces, some of the beliefs that potential patients have been just plain wrong. Here you’ll learn about both the misconceptions and the actual truth about the entire process of getting orthodontia for you or your child.

  1. You Have to Wear Braces For a Really Long Time

    The treatment plan that you will undergo will differ depending on your particular needs. Depending on the state of your oral health, you may not have to wear braces for many years. The majority of patients wear braces from one to three years. Most patients won’t need to wear them for longer than three years.

  2. People Only Wear Braces for Cosmetic Reasons

    A lot of patients do wear braces to straighten out crooked teeth. But one can wear braces for other reasons. For example, some patients wear braces to correct a misaligned bite. People who have misaligned bites often have to deal with such downsides as damaged teeth. If the problem is advanced enough, it can make simple dental hygiene tasks such as brushing very difficult.

  3. You Have to Visit the Orthodontist Often To Get Wires Changed

    All orthodontic patients are different in their needs. The straightening process that you will undergo will depend on a lot of factors. You will need to attend regular appointments so that your orthodontist can monitor your progress. Depending on how your teeth have moved since your last appointment, wires may indeed need to be moved. But that’s not always the case.

  4. Braces Hurt

    Many people believe that getting braces is a painful process. These days, the teeth straightening process has been updated. For this reason, the process has become a lot more comfortable. As you grow accustomed to wearing braces, your teeth will straighten in a way that is a lot more gentle and free of pain and discomfort.

  5. Your Teeth Will Always Be Completely Straight

    Even after your braces are removed, the work doesn’t end there. It’s really important to keep up the oral health routines that your orthodontist taught you. Wear your retainer often. At this time, your teeth will shift a bit in your mouth. By wearing your retainer, the progress that you made with your braces will stick.

  6. Your Braces Will Make Metal Detectors Go Off

    Don’t worry. The material that your braces are made of is so light that it will not make any metal detector go off. So the next time you need to fly, you can go through airport security without any problems.

  7. You Can’t Eat Your Favorite Foods While Wearing Braces

    While eating certain foods such as sticky candies might be a bit more difficult, you can still eat many of your favorite foods. For example, cut up apples into smaller pieces before consuming them. Or take meat off the bone before eating.

  8. A General Dentist Can Provide Orthodontic Services

    This is not true. While a general dentist can perform services such as root canals, cleanings, and other simple procedures, only orthodontists who received additional training after dental school can perform orthodontic procedures such as placing braces on a patient’s teeth.

  9. Braces Will Make Your Teeth Weaker

    Braces can actually strengthen your teeth over time. Not only will your teeth get straightened, they will also become a lot more functional. As you continue to wear your braces, your teeth will become healthier, stronger, and will last longer.