Recommendations from Creed Orthodontics for Valentine’s Day

Recommendations from an Orthodontist for Valentine’s Day

Recommendations from Creed Orthodontics for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be lots of fun regardless of your age. Many people remember giving and receiving little cards and candy at school as a child on Valentine’s Day. For some people, it’s a tradition that lasts for many years. To some degree, it’s expected that you’ll enjoy the sweet treats that will likely be in abundance during this time of the year. While it’s fine in moderation, you’ll also have to take preventative measures to ensure your indulgence does not negatively affect your teeth.

There are tools you can use and practices you can incorporate to enjoy Valentine’s Day, which are especially important for children that have clear aligners, braces or other types of orthodontic devices. Why? Because it’s possible to cause damage that can end up delaying orthodontic treatment. The information below will help you understand what you should avoid, what you can eat and what you should do on Valentine’s Day so that your gums and teeth are protected.

Steer Clear of Sticky and Hard Candy

If you enjoy sticky and hard candy, you should definitely eat them in moderation because they are a common cause of cavities. This includes gum, caramels and lollipops that tend to damage your teeth more than other types of sweet treats. In fact, it can impact your teeth and your overall health if it isn’t eaten in moderation. There are different ways in which this type of candy causes a problem. For starters, hard candy can actually crack your teeth and this is an issue that can seriously delay orthodontia treatment. Sticky candy can get stuck in between your teeth and produce acids that lead to decay.

You can still enjoy candy on Valentine’s Day, especially chocolates that melt when you put them in your mouth. In fact, dark chocolate with 70% cocoa is beneficial to your overall health. Instead of hard and sticky candy, a box of dark chocolates would be a great gift for someone you care about on Valentine’s Day because it’s less likely to cause damage to their teeth. It’s best if you choose chocolates that don’t have caramel in the center.

Don’t’ Drink Sugary Beverages

If you are enjoying a meal for Valentine’s Day, stick with healthy drinks, such as milk, tea or water. You’ll want to avoid beverages that have a lot of caffeine or sugar. Some beverages can destroy the enamel that’s on your teeth and even result in discoloration. When wearing braces, this is all the more important.

Brush Your Teeth Regularly

You probably know that you’re supposed to brush your teeth at least twice and day and floss at least once a day. On Valentine’s Day, you’ll need to increase the number of times you brush your teeth if you end up consuming a lot of candy. You should also use a mouthwash to make sure any hard to reach particles are loosened. After the holiday has passed, you can return to your regular frequency of brushing and flossing your teeth.

Benefits of Braces

There are a lot of issues that braces can resolve, such as overcrowding, jaw misalignment, teeth gaps, an underbite and an overbite.  Cypress area Orthodontist, Dr. Benjamin Creed will know by the time your child is about seven years of age whether or not they need braces. If you think you or your child needs braces, a consultation with Creed Orthodontics can provide clarification on what’s required to enhance your smile.