Dental Braces That Are Perfect For Adults

Dental Braces That Are Perfect For Adults

When most people think about dental braces, they imagine teenagers. It’s because there are lots of teens with braces. However, there are many reasons why adults need braces too. Sometimes it’s to correct an issue with their jaw or to align teeth that are slightly crooked. There are times when adults are highly motivated to get braces. In fact, it’s been proven that a great smile is beneficial to professionals and can even result in more job opportunities. Simply put, most people like a nice smile.

If you’re an adult and you’re thinking about getting braces in Cypress Texas, there’s a lot to consider because there are different types of braces from which to choose. Fortunately, you can consult with Dr. Benjamin Creed to determine which option accommodates your specific needs. It will depend on the reason why you need braces and whether there are any issues that would prevent you from getting them.

For starters, there are traditional metal braces that are often worn by teenagers, but can also be worn by adults. Some people choose metal braces because they are usually the cheapest option. If cost is a key consideration, you’ll probably want to go with metal braces. If you have dental insurance or a flexible spending plan, you can probably afford some of the other options.

Adults often choose clear braces because they don’t feel comfortable with the appearance of metal braces. Wearing clear braces means you can have your teeth corrected without anyone even knowing about it. Another benefit of wearing clear braces is not having to deal with some of the issues associated with metal braces. For instance, they can cause issues with your gums for the first two weeks after installation.

You might choose braces that are tooth colored. This is often preferred by adults for the reasons mentioned. Notably, tooth colored braces are slightly larger than metal braces, but they are barely visible because they look like part of your teeth. Even the wires used to connect the braces are clear. In some instances, tooth colored braces can stain. As an adult, you’ll have to follow the instructions provided by Dr. Creed to ensure your braces are not stained by beverages like coffee, tea and wine.

In addition to clear braces, there’s also the option of invisible braces. These are called lingual braces and are perfect for adults that don’t want metal or clear braces. Lingual braces are brackets placed on the back of each tooth, which is why you can’t see them at all. These braces are often chosen because they’re invisible, but sometimes they’re not the most comfortable option. Lingual braces work by molding the brackets to each tooth and then connecting the wires behind your teeth. Some patients with Lingual braces report having small cuts to their tongue and difficulties with speech.

Invisalign aligners are another great option for people that don’t want to wear metal braces. This is often a preferred choice because patients don’t have to worry about their appearance. Invisalign is an option for straightening teeth that allows you to wear removable plastic aligners. The fact that they’re removable means you can properly clean your teeth everyday. Invisalign is also preferred because they’re invisible, so even when you’re wearing them, most people won’t be able to tell.

There are different considerations when trying to choose the right braces. Fortunately, you don’t have to make the decision on your own. You can work with Dr. Creed to choose the best option.