Orthodontics: A Natural Solution

Most people are aware of the fact that orthodontics can do a lot more than just improve your smile. However, many do not know that orthodontics are a holistic solution to many health problems. Keep reading to find out how Creed Orthodontics in Cypress, Texas can holistically treat health problems.

Your Smile And Environment

Orthodontists guide your teeth into their ideal position. The branch of medicine that deals with hereditary changes in gene expression is known as epigenetics. People who study epigenetics believe that if were not for processed foods and toxins, then our health and structure would resemble the health and structure of our ancestors. These genetic changes have led to allergies, headaches and childhood breathing problems.

Fulfilling The Natural Position Of The Palate, Jaws And Teeth

Orthodontists are not only focused on giving you a beautiful smile, but they also want to put your palate, teeth and jaws in the right position. This is the position that your teeth, palate and jaws would have been in if you and your ancestors grew up in the ideal environment.

Orthodontics: A Natural Solution

Children who mouth breathe can face a number of negative health consequences. Mouth breathing can cause allergies because the nose is not able to filter out all of the allergens. It can also reduce energy and stunt the growth of the upper jaw. Crowded teeth can cause sinus infections, throat infections, hearing problems and earaches.

Orthodontics can address the palate alignment and shape. It can also correct problems that were caused by improper growth and thumb sucking.

What Type Of Problems Can Cypress Texas Orthodontists Fix?

Orthodontists can fix many problems by widening your palate and aligning your bite. If you already suffer from any of the problems below, then orthodontic treatment can correct the symptoms and causes. Repositioning the jaw and teeth can correct the following problems:
  • Sleep apnea
  • Allergies
  • Neck and head pain
  • Poor sleeping problems
  • Facial stress
  • Poor mood
  • Low energy
  • Weight gain
  • Digestion problems

Cypress, Texas Orthodontist, Dr. Benjamin Creed is a board certified specialist in orthodontics and is an expert in dental braces and Invisalign for children and adults. We invite you to call 281-256-3838 or visit www.creedorthodontics.com for a complimentary orthodontic evaluation.

Take Advantage of Your Orthodontic Health Insurance!

We are now officially less than one month away from the start of a brand new year, a time to rejoice and plan on all your new years’ resolutions! If you have health insurance already, that is one resolution you don’t have to worry about. But did you know that there are a number of insurance policies that reset themselves when the end of the calendar year comes up? This means that if you didn’t use your orthodontic benefits that come included with your health insurance by the end of December 31st, you may lose them for good next year. Let us explain what to do to make sure that doesn’t ever happen. Then we will show you why this is the very best time to make an investment in your beautiful smile.

Make Sure that You Use Your Benefits to the Max!

When you have both health and dental benefits, that means you are due a certain amount of dental coverage to receive orthodontic treatment. It’s always a good time to give us a call at Creed Orthodontics in Cypress Texas and ask for your completely free consultation. Not only will you find out how easy it is to get a new, healthy smile, you’ll also see how great it is to have your health insurance provider pay for a large portion of it! You’ll have a healthy smile in no time when you come to us for your orthodontist needs.

Your Smile is More Affordable Than You Realize

When you visit Creed Orthodontics, you’ll see that we always have the same resolution, year after year. That is to make sure we give everyone the smile that they deserve! And since we are dedicated to keeping our resolutions, we also give our customers a few different financing plans and even easy payment options. If you are treated here, you can receive interest-free financing for your orthodontic treatment.

Get Started Today-You Have Lots of Options to Choose From!

Start the New Year off right with a brand new smile. Don’t let your insurance benefits lapse when you could be using them to cover a large portion of the costs for a new look. If you want to learn more about when and how to get going on a new, healthy smile, give us a call today. We can have you smiling brightly for every holiday picture!

How Braces Contribute To Your Child’s Health

Although braces can improve your self-esteem and appearance, there are various health advantages that come with having braces, palate expanders, and space maintainers.  There is the obvious prevention of having problems with your teeth and jaw throughout your life, but straightening your with braces and corrective appliances can improve your oral hygiene, lead to better chewing of your food to absorb more nutrients, and also reduce the risk of other diseases like diabetes and heart disease.  The sooner your child undergoes orthodontic treatment, the sooner they can obtain these benefits.

The Better You Chew, The Better You Grow

Having a beautiful straight smile and aligned jaw has an effect on your entire body and helping it grow. A huge part of a child growing up healthy depends on the food they eat, but another big part of that is how they process and digest their food.   Having a correctly aligned jaw and teeth help improve the chewing of food, and the better the food is chewed the easier it is for your body to break it down and digest. This is why it is important for your child to receive orthodontic treatment to help them grow strong and avoid any short-term or long-term health problems.

Healthy Habits, Healthy Body

Having braces can help improve your child’s oral hygiene, this can help them get accustom to lifelong habits like brushing and flossing their teeth. Properly spaced teeth make it much easier to floss and brush, which decreases the chances of cavities and tooth decay.  Practicing good oral hygiene can also save you from dealing with future dental problems caused by lack of oral hygiene, such as root canals, tooth extractions, and fillings. Good oral care benefits you not just with your teeth but also your overall health. There have been studies that indicated a link between oral health and diabetes. According to all of the research found throughout these studies, scientists believe that having good oral health can even help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Proactive Health From An Early Age

When it comes to orthodontics, it is important for you to take your child to have an orthodontic checkup around the age of 7. By that age, your child’s teeth will have developed enough so that your orthodontist can spot any problems with your jaw growth and emerging teeth.  Starting treatment at this age can also help ensure your child develops healthy.

Cypress, Texas Orthodontist, Dr. Benjamin Creed is a board certified specialist in orthodontics and is an expert in dental braces and Invisalign for children and adults. We invite you to call 281-256-3838 or visit www.creedorthodontics.com for a complimentary orthodontic evaluation.

The first question to ask your orthodontist

Did you graduate from a recognized post-dental school graduate program?

Any general dentist can offer orthodontic treatment, but they are NOT specialists in orthodontics. To be a specialists of orthodontics, dentist must have attended an orthodontic graduate program for 2-3 years after graduating from Dental School. An easy way to figure out if your orthodontist is indeed a specialist, you should figure out all of the treatments he provides. If your orthodontist offers treatments that a general dentist offers like dentures, fillings, and crowns then odds are that your orthodontist is not a specialist.

Orthodontics specialists usually stay in their field and only provide orthodontic services. So why does this matter? A Specialist of Orthodontics has at least two years more experience in learning and practicing orthodontics than a regular dentist. They study numerous cases, develop skills to properly diagnose patients, learn techniques on how to properly change the location of teeth, and most importantly study the growth and maturation of their patients.  While they are in their program for those 2-3 years they are assigned their own patients to provide treatment to, but they are also supervised and observed by their professors assuring that they are learning how to do everything properly.

So if you’re looking to straighten your teeth with Braces or Invisalign, your best option is to visit an orthodontic specialist.

Cypress, Texas Orthodontist, Dr. Benjamin Creed is a board certified specialist in orthodontics and is an expert in dental braces and Invisalign for children and adults. We invite you to call 281-256-3838 or visit www.creedorthodontics.com for a complimentary orthodontic evaluation.

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