5 Easy Steps on How Braces Work

How Orthodontic Braces Work

5 Easy Steps on How Braces Work

You value having a beautiful smile, especially because of the confidence this assures you in your social circle. Great dental health, and well aligned teeth ensure that you have that dream smile. Fortunately for you or your loved one, braces are perfect for ensuring a beautiful smile as well as a healthy mouth.

Highlighted below are steps on how braces actually work. This is the simple process by which you will be assured of that well deserved beautiful smile

1. Consultation with Your Orthodontist
This visit to your orthodontist is exciting, solely because you get to meet someone whose only intention is to brighten your smile. The orthodontist will carefully analyze your mouth and teeth to determine all issues that requires to be addressed.

The orthodontist will try to identify dental problems such as having an overbite, an under-bite, a jaw misalignment, too many spaces in between your teeth, or whether your teeth are overly crowded. In order to understand how you feel, the doctor will ask many questions regarding any discomfort you may be having.

2. About Record Photos and X-Rays
Photos and x-rays of teeth as well as your bite are taken from different angles. These photos, together with profile and panoramic X-rays are able to show Dr. Creed, the best treatment plan possible for you.

Having all the vital information, your Cypress, Texas Orthodontist, Dr. Creed will now make a decision on the best type of braces to fit. The various choices include traditional metal braces, Invisalign, or clear ceramic braces “self-litigating”. Invisalign is made of series of removable, clear aligners that move the teeth.

3. Fitting the Braces
Don’t worry about braces failing to fit into your mouth, as every set of braces is customized specifically to fit on you. The dimensions captured from X-ray imaging, and record photos ensure that braces are tailored purposely for you.

If the orthodontist decides to fit ceramic or clear braces, then the teeth needs to have an adhesive applied on them to bond brackets with them. After the adhesive is applied, brackets and wires that are specifically customized for you are attached.

4. Orthodontic Appointments
Once the braces have been attached, they exert some gentle pressure on your teeth such that they eventually move them into place. It then becomes necessary that as the teeth start shifting into place, periodical adjustments of the braces are done.

This means that occasionally, the patient will need to visit our practice to ensure that the braces are properly fitting. These adjustments may bring about some minor discomfort, but this is a small price to pay for a beautiful smile.

5. Completion of Process
Finally, after a certain duration when your teeth are aligned, you will not need to wear your braces any longer. Dr. Creed will have you wear a retainer, an appliance that assists your newly aligned teeth to stay firmly in their new position. This retainer will only be worn for a while until your teeth are permanently in position.

If you are interested in Orthodontic treatment for yourself or a child, please contact us for a free consultation.  We treat children, teens and adults in the Cypress, Texas area.