The Importance of Mouthguards for Students

Cypress, TX produces a large number of people who are highly skilled in contact sports, and their training begins inside their homes and schools. Students who have been in contact sports are encouraged by their coaches to buy their mouthguards, to protect them from injuries. However, studies have shown that the majority of students in the United States do not use mouthguards. According to dentists and orthodontists, the mouth is one of the most sensitive areas of the human body, and it can be easily injured if it makes contact with anything that has been applied with force. They have been working closely with the students and their parents to remind them about the importance of mouthguards, and they are also giving them tips on which type of mouthguards they should buy. These protective items come in many forms and sizes, and the type used by a student depends on the sport that they are playing. The experts have also reminded the students that they would have to wear their mouthguards even if they are only practicing because it would prevent them from having accidental mouth injuries.

Sports-related activities can be dangerous for someone who does not wear any protection. Injuries can happen in a blink of an eye if one is not paying attention. Studies have revealed that someone who is into contact sports have a 10% chance of being involved in an injury that could damage the mouth and teeth. Dentists and orthodontists also agree to a statistic stating that contact sports cause one-third of all mouth and dental injuries. They wanted the public to understand the study deeper, to enlighten them about the boost of protection that every student would receive if they decided to wear mouthguards. The human teeth have been proven to be brittle, and it could be damaged if a force was directed to it. However, when someone is using a mouthguard, and the unexpected happened, they can be assured that their mouth and teeth are protected. Those who are not wearing any mouthguards are 70 times more susceptible to injuries and damages.

The science behind the mechanism of a mouthguard is simple. Whenever the mouth and teeth are hit with a brute force, the mouthguard would act as an absorber. It will take all of the force, and distribute only a small percentage of it inside the mouth. The energy would not be felt by someone who received the force because of how the mouthguards were designed. Students who are wearing dental braces are more susceptible to the force that will be exerted on the dental area. Because of the material used in their braces, they can be seriously injured if they will join contact sports without wearing any mouthguards. It would lead to lacerations and abrasions, which could bleed seriously. Those who have dental braces and using mouthguards have a higher protection rate from injuries. Students are starting to realize the importance of mouthguards, and they are taking the announcement from their teachers seriously.